Accidents concerning forklifts and forklift health and safety

Working with a forklift truck on a construction site or in a distribution centre can be very dangerous for both the operator and the people on the premises. It is a legal requirement that the forklift truck operator complete the necessary training before operating the rig. This training covers the forklift’s critical check method until it is used on a regular and weekly basis. Visit us on Forklift Training Systems.

Accidents involving forklifts are common.
Knowing the types of forklift truck incidents that will occur can help you avoid some of the hazards. Each year, over 8000 forklift truck accidents occur in the United Kingdom alone. Here are the four most common forklift truck accidents.

1. People being struck by a forklift truck as it is moving, which is more common when the vehicle is reversing.
2. Forklifts are being used on unstable floors and platforms, resulting in the forklift truck crashing.
3. People being struck by dropping, unstable objects carried by a fork truck.
4. People often overload forklift trucks, causing them to overturn.

If the proper laws and regulations had been enforced, none of these injuries would have occurred. The overturning of a forklift truck, for example, would not occur if the forklift was not overloaded. It’s crucial to weigh any load before carrying it, particularly if it appears to be heavy and bulky. When it comes to pedestrians being struck and run over by a forklift, this can be avoided if the operator drives slowly and attentively. Since there are more blind spots and full visibility is not always accessible, reversing a forklift truck is riskier than forward motion. It is important for people on site to be informed when a forklift is in motion so that they, as well as the forklift operator, can take the appropriate precautions.

Health and Safety Executives have shown that posting safety posters in the workplace and on the job site reduces the risk of accidents, especially when using fork lifts. Forklift truck operations include distribution centres, warehouses, construction sites, and other locations where the risk of injuries and crashes is much higher than in everyday circumstances. Managers and Health and Safety consultants in such environments are advised to post safety posters in the facility to provide staff and forklift operators with the knowledge and reminders they need. According to FLT figures, one worker is killed every six weeks in the UK as a result of forklift truck accidents. Here’s a look at some of the latest Health and Safety posters that will help save lives in the workplace. Forklift Poster for Pedestrians and Operators – This poster is vivid and bold, with a strong message that cannot be ignored. With an illustration of a fork truck and a human, it says LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER in big letters. This poster serves as a reminder to operators and those on the property to keep an eye out for forklift trucks and other moving vehicles.