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When you seek the advice of an Adult ADHD psychiatrist, you can get a variety of responses. Many will recommend medication as the first line of treatment. Others will not even consider the possibility of medication, stating that it is inadvisable to medicate adults because they have a mental illness and that taking medicine could worsen the illness. Others simply don’t know any better, pointing to the fact that adult ADHD patients are likely suffering from other, more serious disorders such as depression and/or bi-polar disorder. Visit this  Aura MD – Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

If you are suffering from Adult ADHD then there are a number of symptoms which can lead you to believe that you may have a mental illness. If your thought patterns are muddled and you feel mentally unstable, then this can be a classic sign of ADHD. You might also experience problems with learning, memory recall and difficulty concentrating. If you have experienced all of these symptoms at least six months to a year, then it is very likely that you have Adult ADHD.
But there are a number of reasons why medication may not be your best option when dealing with the disorder. First of all, it is known that most medications used for treating ADHD are stimulant based, which means they make the brain function more quickly and effectively by increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain. This has been effective for some people, but it has not been a successful solution for ADHD. For ADHD sufferers, the problem is that they are not able to cope with the side effects of the medication and their symptoms worsen as the medications are discontinued.