The Brazilian Waxing Craze

In the state of Utah, Brazilian waxing has become a fascinating phenomenon. Women and men are discovering the benefits of waxing, especially the Brazilian-Bikini wax, from our southern border of Saint George all the way up through Salt Lake City and north to our border. more on it

So, who is responsible for this sort of waxing?

I’d say that the Brazilian craze can’t be divided into tidy little categories. All is waxing in Brazil, including you! You may be one of those people who has the words Brazilian bikini wax floating around in their head for days, if not weeks, before deciding to commit to waxing. It’s one of those rites of passage that simultaneously tempts, teases, and scares the living daylights out of you. You may be one of those people who goes to a salon for the first time with a best friend or significant other, or just by yourself in case you get scared!

Don’t be worried. As the market for this service increases, more salons and estheticians are offering it. Here are a few things to think about before scheduling an appointment.

It almost goes without saying that you should thoroughly study who will perform this intimate waxing and which salon will perform it. However, some additional research should be done to determine the waxer’s level of experience, the type of licence she holds (hopefully Esthetics), and her definition of a Brazilian wax.

A Brazilian consists of Full hair removal from the front to the back for the majority of people. Today, whether or not the Brazilian girls did each and every hair is a mystery to me. And it makes no difference. As long as the back crack is included, a Brazilian may be any hair or any hair but a small strip in the front, usually referred to as a “landing strip” (some pilot must have made that up!) Anyway, a common criticism I’ve heard from “waxers” is that the back crack is often avoided.

One more piece of advice: do not be misled by someone who claims it won’t hurt while looking for a salon or esthetician. What are we doing here, people? We’re yanking your hair out of your head. I’m not sure anyone can describe that as a pleasant experience. Not as it’s happening to you, at least. And no amount of wax can make the pulling of tiny hairs from the follicle any less painful.