Buddha Statues -Brief Notes

And those who have no link to Buddhism’s teachings find the Buddha statues to be very symbolic. Photos of the smiling Buddha can now be found in virtually every home or workplace, thanks to numerous contemporary art forms and belief systems. Happiness, wealth, and good will are said to be brought into the living or working space by statues of the Enlightened One in almost every pose. The Buddha statues are thought to act as good luck charms. They are widely regarded as part of contemporary and traditional Japanese art, just as they are now found in tapestries in rustic country homes in the West.Get additional information at buddha statues for sale.

The symbolism of Buddha statues is more concerned with the saint’s virtues and persona than with the belief system that arose after his death. The traditional resin Buddha statue from Japan and the white poly-stone Buddha statue adorn homes and offices around the world for the tranquilly they are known to bring to d├ęcor and aesthetics. Similarly, various Buddha statues are considered to represent various qualities.

  • The Medicine Buddha, for example, heals both physical and mental illnesses.
  • Enlightenment quest of the Contemplative Buddha

Antique Buddha figurines and sculptures can now be purchased easily from handicrafts boutiques and exhibits both online and offline. The symbolism is important, as it is known to bring positive energy, as well as a sense of calm, healing, self-awareness, and harmony. To a large degree, these sculptures are associated with divinity and mental discipline. It’s impossible to deny the aura and atmosphere of serenity and tranquilly that these sculptures exude in the living room.